Passive-Aggressive Notes

Oh man! this site is hilarious!  Like a Found Magazine, but exclusively for contextualized passive-aggressive notes.

As a tribute (and because I can’t actually submit it since I don’t have a picture of it), I will now recite the text of a note we found while rehearsing at an artists’ space on 54th and 12th last week.  For posterity.

We found this 3 page note above a paint sink in a space operated by chasama in nyc (thanks to Sara for copying this down and to Rachel for also appreciating how funny this is):

ahem.   :

I don’t know where all that sludge came from, but it never should have gone anywhere near the sink!! I’m also disappointed that whoever did this assumed that no one else would need the sink and therefore did not clean up their own mess!!

If you are going to create a mess like that in the building, you are responsible for getting it out of the building without using the plumbing we all depend on.  The moral of the story:

Things not to deposit in the sink:

  1. Sludge (this covers a lot)
  2. Cement
  3. Nasty Mop Water
  4. and the all-encompassing ET CETERA

use your brain!

We were rehearsing ‘The Terrible Temptation to Do Good‘ there at the time and tried desparately to work that entire tirade into the performance, but all we managed to work in was ‘Use Your Brain!’  I consider that a bit of a failure on our part. It still stings…

Next time, maybe?

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