Save Gas

This is completely awesome:

6 Retarded Gas Saving Schemes (People Are Actually Trying)

I have to say, though, I love the websites with a big sticker on the front page that say ‘Top Secret’.  Shh… don’t tell anyone else on the internet!

But really.  The best part of it is these guys. Spokespeople for #5. The brains of the operation:

Just becuase it’s so amazing, i’ll provide you with a little excerpt of what you get when you watch the video.  Pure science.

“I’d like to explain how our product works.  The enzymes in our product break down the molecular structure of the fuel.  So if you were to look at gasoline or diesel under a microscope, on a slide, you’d see clusters of molecules.  Much like clusters of grapes.  Our enzymes attack those clusters and break them down into individual molecules, allowing for a more complete burn of the fuel.  So if you’re shooting less out your tailpipe as an emission of our byproduct, you’d go further down the road and your fuel economy would be on the rise.  It’s as simple as that.  Thank you.”

It’s like he learned chemistry from Peter Griffin.

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