Hilariously Frivolous

Ok.  So because the 2nd Gen iPhones were so ‘affordable’ some developer out there made a completely frivolous show-off app called I Am Rich.  It costs the maximum application cost in the iTunes store ($999.99) and it’s only purpose is to let people know you have money to burn (when you start the application all it does is display a cheap looking glowing ruby).

I Am so totally Rich

I Am so totally Rich

Now it’s time for you to decide which is more ridiculous:

1. 8 people purchased this application — 6 from the US, 1 from France and 1 from Germany.

2. Apple was so offended by the application that they removed it from the store, even though it didn’t technically violate any terms of the iPhone Developer contract.

I’m still trying to decide myself.

Anyway, it’s gone now.  So all of you fat cats out there will have to sling your money at something else.  Too bad you didn’t get a change to download it in time.

And you thought you lost out when Apple pulled down the NetShare tethering app.

Read the full story on I Am Rich on the LA Times

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