Not sure quite where to file this but my brain is definitely not the right place…

I was at Radiohole‘s benefit on Monday and saw Liz LeCompte – fearless leader of the Wooster Group. (if none of those names mean anything to you you can ignore this one. I realize this post only targets a niche market of like 2 people).

While the show wasn’t really my bag, I have to say the pre- and post- shows were unforgettable.

The post-show consisted of Kate Valk MC-ing the benefit auction. I can’t even begin to describe it. Hypnotizing.  That woman can really do anything.

In my mind the pre-show consisted of Liz LeCompte walking in, making a B line for the bar, grabbing a bottle of Charles Shaw (Chuck to his friends) Red and waltzing right back out the door.

On the way out she paused and (I guess feeling a slight twinge of guilt) shouted to one of the women running box office, “Hey, how much for this? Will $10 do?” Not particularly waiting for a reply she slid her hand into her pocket, pulled out a crumpled $10 bill and tossed it on the counter. She then continued out the door, stopping only to collect a couple of friends before heading across the street. For the next 20 minutes the patron saint of avant-garde theatre could be found on 19th St. on the stoop across from The Kitchen hanging out with some friends and throwing back a bottle of wine together.

Sometimes I really love this city.

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