Perscription Heroin

I just read in The Huffington Post that Switzerland is voting today on a proposition to permanently implement an experimental prescription Heroin program.

You can read the full story (including a really insightful video clip) on BBC.

I am of so many minds about this as a concept. Part of me feels like this is a totally ridiculous idea.  But then the more open-minded part of me speaks up: “Maybe that’s just Nancy Regan’s voice in the back of your head telling you to ‘Just Say No to Drugs’.”  So ok. Let’s look at this rationally.  Does it work?  Sounds like the results thus far are inconclusive.  Except for the fact that the Swiss are seeing less addicts on their streets.  Which seems like a good thing right?  These people are being treated and cared for by the state.  That’s what we should be doing, right?  Proactively caring for those who are ailing in our society?

I concede, however, it’s really none of our business what Switzerland does to control its drug use problems.  Unless, of course, it’s working and we’re considering adopting it ourselves.  I don’t like that our media (and Britain’s too) feel like we can step in and judge what other countries do to solve their social problems.  I’m sure, from our repressed, narrow-minded, western perspective, this seems like an unholy idea: “Heroin prescribed by the state!  Dear god!  What next?”

But if it’s working, by their own standards, what’s wrong with it?

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