Cognitive Dissonance

Ok New York Times.  What’s going on here:


So the lead story here seems to be a pretty big deal: ‘GM Loses 9.6 Billion as Its Strugles Continue.’  Wow right?  That sucks!

What’s the lead image?

Living Together : My Monkey, My Self


Have things really gotten so bad that, instead of dealing with monumentally bad news about the econmy, we feel we should give mental precedance to stories about having monkeys in the house because you’re just not a cat person?

Granted, AIG’s quarterly loss of 61.7 billion obviously made GM’s loss look like chump chnge.


The 26th, when the story was published, was a Thursday.  A Thursday!  This is the kind of fluff reporting I’d expect on a Sunday!  Were your editors all on vacation?


Come on NYT.  Stay sharp.