Billy Dee!

Isn’t Lando a handsome devil?


I’d like to sing the praises of this man for just a minute.  Who else could’ve played Harrison Ford’s old buddy / president of a cloudy oasis planet / Ewok air support commander Lando Calrissian with quite as much flair as this guy.  Certainly not Mark Hamil….

What ever happened to dear old Billy Dee?  He was great as Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s Batman.  Then POOF!  Nothing.

Maybe it was that after playing Harvey Dent in the first one, he thought he’d get to play Harvey Two-Face in ‘That Horrible Batman Movie We’d All Like to Forget.’  As it turned out, no.  That dubious honor was handed to other three-namer, Tommy Lee Jones, who chewed up the scenery like a termite.

Did that leave him with such a bad taste in his mouth that he left the screen forever?  Did the industry just lose interest and relegate him to various TV and video game appearances (basically, the actor’s graveyard)?  Or is he, as we speak, staging a comeback?  Only time will tell.

In the meantime, here: let Billy Dee sell you some Colt 45.  It’ll make him (and you) feel better.

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