Microsoft Is At It Again

Yikes.  Don’t these guys ever learn? Not even after this and this?

Microsoft is now encouraging people to host “launch parties” to honor the release of Windows 7.  No.  I’m not kidding.

Now you too can help usher in a whole new era of mediocrity.  Forget all those parties you threw to help Obama get elected.  This is bigger.  Much, much bigger. And space is limited so you have to act now.  Hurry.  Your multicultural friends of all ages are waiting.

Only Microsoft could make technology look even less appealing than late-night infomercial products.

I swear.  Microsoft, next time you need an idea for an ad campaign or a promotion, just give me a call.  Me and my friends in your target demographic have lost cocktail napkins with better ideas of appearing “hip” and “with it.”

In honor of this latest blunder, here are a few of the funnier Microsoft parodies I came across while researching this:

Man I love anything that makes fun of Clippy.

Thanks Gawker for getting the ball rolling.

UPDATE: People seem to be working round the clock on this one.  There’s already a hilarious (dirty) parody of the Windows 7 House Party video.

Great work, people.  And thanks for the tip, Wired.