The Good Old Toys

For some reason this morning I was thinking about some of the old toys I had as a kid.  Sure there were the Transformers and the GobotsHe-Man.

I think my favorites, though, were the construction toys.  Of which only Leggos stood the test of time, it seems.

But does anyone else remember Capsela? or Construx?


Construx were totally rad.

I honestly don’t think I ever knew quite what to do with Capsela — they seemed like they would’ve been awesome things to play with if you were near a large body of water.  Or you like to take a lot of baths.  Neither of which applied to me.  Still.  Pretty cool.

But I definitely remember liking Construx.  They were sort of like a modern version of an Erector Set.  Without the rust.  Simple, extensible.  Lots of fun.  Creative options galore.

And now they’re listed on eBay as ‘Vintage’.  These are the problems that start occuring when one turns 30, I guess…

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