I try to make it a point not to blog mad, but I am so incredibly pissed right now.

I just got a charge on my credit card for $12 for some crappy-ass service called ‘ReservationRewards’ in Conneticut (specifically: RESERVATION REWARDS 8007327031 CT).

First off, just to be clear these guys are a total scam.  Just ask:

Apparently I ‘elected’ to ‘sign up for a 30 day free trial’ when I bought some movie tickets though Fandango (who is also about to get an earful from me) by accidentally clicking or not clicking on some checkbox somewhere when I was in a hurry.  And Fandango gave them my credit card #!  Jesus!

These people, in my book, parasites.  They provide zero useful service and only continue to exist because the rest of us are too lazy or inattentive to notice when we become ‘infected’ by them (I would’ve been charged $12/month for who knows how long if I hadn’t picked over my statement more closely than I usually do).

It makes me so mad that businesses like this exist.