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The Obameter

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

I really like the idea of this: PolitiFact has dug through the archives and tracked down all of the promises that Obama made on the campaign trail, and are basically tracking the progress on them in real time.

At first this seemed unfair and unrealistic, but if you recall, Obama actually asked the American people to hold him to the promises he made.

Answering the call, PolitiFact made the ‘Obameter‘ which tracks Obama’s progress on each and every one of his 500 campaign promises.


It’s fascinating to see numbers and ratings on these things.  And honestly, looking at the numbers, he’s doing quite well.  Check it out for yourself.

Thanks VSL

Barack Obama’s DNC Intro Video

Friday, August 29th, 2008

I must admit I was pretty moved by the DNC’s showing last night.  First Gore, then Obama.  I really think Obama knocked it out of the park.

But I also think the intro video that preceded his entrance was the most ridiculous, sentimental piece of moosh I’ve ever seen (you have to watch it on HuffPost):

Obama Biography Video at DNC

On the other hand, it offered the Daily Show to, in their own way, hit one out of the park:

Thanks Daily Show.

Who’s Driving This Train?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Wow.  The Huffingtonpost just noted how boneheaded a recent anti-Obama McCain ad was.

Have a look for yourself:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a political ad that made me want to vote for the other guy as much as this one does.  It’s hilarious.  The tone is so somber and dull, and the bits in the background (ie. Obama) look pretty damned interesting. And what is their argument exactly?  ‘Don’t vote for this guy.  He’s popular.  And popular people are incapable of making good decisions.’ ?

It’d make me wonder what I was doing following the lame horse.  If I had been doing that in the first place.

Equally vapid was a commercial pointed out by the Daily Show last night where the McCain team makes the point that Obama didn’t visit the troops in Germany.  They drive the point home by showing a video in the background of Obama playing basketball … with the troops. (!!!)

It’s like he’s got The Muppets running his campaign.  Or if not, maybe he shoud try that.  Maybe they’d do a better job.

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