A Fascinating Way to Kill Time

I just saw this on FAILBlog:

Google Suggest

Wow, right?  303,000 people did a search on Google for ‘I am extremely terrified of chinese people.’ ??

What’s amazing about that is that it actually works.  Go to Google.com and type something into the query field and see what Google Suggest comes up with.  We tried ‘I am scared of’ and got this:


Some of that is predictable — 14 million people are scared of death or dying, 7.8 million are scared of the dark.

Some of it is disconcerting — 1.7 million are scared of Obama vs. only 472K are scared of Pailn.

And some of it is just a fun logic game:  if 26 million are scared of people and 16 million are scared of themselves, that must leave 10 million people who are scared of you.

Anyway… it’s a fun way to kill some time, and it’s actually a fascinating exercise to learn what people are searching for on Google these days.

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